“You are the personification of music”: By Farida Fahmy

“You are the personification of music”

By Farida Fahmy

Reading this name only evokes immense respect, admiration, inspiration and infinite love … Madame Farida Fahmy is a living legend of the Oriental Dance, co-founder and first dancer of the most important company of Egyptian theatrical dance wich the world has been able to Know “The Reda Troupe”.

She is a highly educated and respectable woman, from a family committed to culture and open minded. Those who allowed her and her sister to be part of a dream that came true; Where knowledge, creativity, inspiration and teamwork were important pillars to create a legacy like that of the Reda Troupe.

Without a doubt there are no words to define how great she is as a teacher, dancer, researcher and student of dance. After many years away from stages and dance class room, teacher Fahmy developed a project with Keti Sharif’ support, just to  SHARING KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE FOR THE DANCE OF HER COUNTRY.

There are many articles that i have read from teacher Farida without neglecting her DVD  value of her life and development within Reda Troupe and her wonderful thesis on the extraordinary work of the teacher Mahmoud Reda. But this specific phrase “You are the personification of  music” (extracted from an interview that Keti Sharif did) came to my soul and heart because its a  completely resume of what  a dancer should BE and KNOW.


For the personification of the music you must know naturally of:

  • Music
  • Rhythms
  • Technique
  • Comprehensive vocabulary of movements
  • Cultural knowledge of Egypt (people, traditions, lifestyle, indigenous dances, traditional dance)
  • History


If you know all this you can merge with the music and be one, respecting and dignifying the dance, and what are you interpreting:  a taqsim, a melaya or whatever else you are dancing …


Knowledge provides invaluable tools … This article makes you discover this sea of wonders from the hand of the great Farida Fahmy who published them for free! Oh my God! Theoretical and technical knowledge of the best existing source for free and in the comfort of your home … what else do you need to really learn from your dance?

Sadly, we have received incorrect information about various topics such as: the origin of the dance with melaya, the incorporation of “El Hagalla” into the repertoire of the Reda troupe, the use of specific costumes, the creation and development of her brother in law’s thecnique (Mahmoud Reda),etc.

All these topics and much more information can be found in the material created by Madame Farida.

I only have one advice today:

1.- Read the articles of Farida Fahmy, you have no idea how many answers you’ll find  and without a doubt you will want to acquire her book and dvd. They are true treasures …


All the information you can find here:

Keti Sharif, 2015

Notes taken from Farida Fahmy, with references to Farida’s seminars on “Aesthetics in Egyptian Dance”

Farida website: www.faridafahmy.com

Keti Sharif website: www.ketisharif.com With more articles on music and dance in Egypt


To Rakasse:  Stephanie Monzerrat







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